Teatime in Paris

There are so many beautiful and luxurious hotels in Paris. Taking a teatime in a prestigious and historical setting is absolutely a good idea to spent your Parisian afternoon! La réserve La réserve

La Grande Cascade

La Grande Cascade used to be the hunting lodge for Napoleon III who came to the Bois de Boulogne for hunting. As time went by, it became this beautiful restaurant keeping all the

Wander in Paris II

Opéra is one of my favorite quarters in Paris. I go there at least once per week, sometimes for joining my darling for lunch, sometimes for work, sometimes for meeting friends, sometimes for

Wander in Paris I

Walking in Paris is just like you wander through the time. So many beautiful buildings to see. Touch the bricks, see poeple entering and going out of the buidings, contemplate the ornate windows,