Paris Voyages

Wander in Paris II

2 novembre 2017

Opéra is one of my favorite quarters in Paris. I go there at least once per week, sometimes for joining my darling for lunch, sometimes for work, sometimes for meeting friends, sometimes for a movie, sometimes for shopping. So even if sometimes it’s such a grey day (just like today for ex), I’m always happy to go there. I find always something interesting to share. There’s a chinese word saying: it’s your heart that creates the surroundings around you. The further meaning is: you are the master of yourself. Hope everyone will be the true master of himself.

This small and lovely parc is Parc Carré Louvois. In the center, the fountain Louvois built between 1836 and 1839 was intended as an hommage to four great rivers of France : the Seine, the Garonne, the Loire, and the Saône, represented by four statues of women who support the upper basin (Wikipédia)

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